Learn Web Development: Quick and Simple

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A non-profit called free code camp provides lessons in JavaScript, HTML and CSS. These are core web technologies. The nice thing about this service is that it is bite size. A lesson might take about 3 minutes to complete. As you go further along, they become progressively harder and tackle more advanced topics:


Most of the lessons explain a very simple concept: How to change the color of a specific component on a website, how to add text to your website or how to make a element shake? Once you get to around lesson 200 or so, you’ll start doing more advanced stuff, like going through arrays of arrays in JavaScript. This is nice, because you’ll get to learn the basics well and then start getting into more challenging topics.

The other nice thing about this program, other than being free, is that you get to do bigger projects. For example, you might end up doing a tribute page to a specific artist, Chester Bennington for me, or make your own web portfolio. These are hosted on codepen.io:

My examples are below:

Tribute Page:

Web Design Page:

50 lessons and you already get some tangible results. Definitely worth it if you are new to web development and want to learn. If you are more advanced, this is a good 3 day course that will let you brush up on basic web technologies and get some practice at JavaScript.


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