About Me



My name is Chris. I specialize in database management for predictive intelligence and recommender systems.  My background includes work in traditional Business Intelligence teams, Data Warehousing and Excel/R-based analytics.  I enjoy working on highly technical teams that have a software or product development focus.

Currently, my work involves focuses on full-scale automation and design of database systems within an Amazon Web Services environment.

I’m a huge advocate of self-study, following your curiosity and the power of a disciplined approach.  My biggest hobby is reading non-fiction books spanning topics as broad as genetics, computer science theory, economics, popular psychology and history.  I regularly look into different aspects of computer science with my current focus being Linux-based tools, Database Systems, JavaScript, Computer Science theory and Machine Learning.

Other major hobbies include running and going to the gym, researching nutrition, attending meet-ups with a focus on technology innovation and Salsa.  I try to do at least 4 hours of cardio/exercise a week.