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My Personal WordPress Website

Dear Readers,

I set up my WordPress website today.  Amazon Web Services provides two guides, one on setting up a LAMP server (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) and one on installing WordPress on LAMP.

I also bought two domains, one from namecheap:


The other from AWS Route 53:

Both are being redirected to this site.

After setting everything up, I tried a bunch of plugins. A bunch below:

Gmail SMTP -> This allows you to forward e-mails to your gmail account.

MonsterInsight Google Analytics  -> Installs Google Analytics to your web page, which tells you what pages people are visiting.

Redirection -> Allows you to redirect pages to other websites. I created a link to my youtube account this way.

Simple Share Button Adders  -> Adds a bunch of social media buttons to your blog posts. This one was really simple to install. They offer about 2 dozen different social media platforms.

TablePress -> This plugin provides the ability to produce data tables via CSV files. They provide the ability to upload CSV files.

Visualizer: Charts and Graphs Lite -> Provides simple graphs using googles chart API. This allows you to build graphs and charts for data visualization.

WPForms Lite -> This is a GUI that creates web forms. The data generated by the forms are directly sent to your e-mail address.

bbPress – This is a cool plug-in that let’s you run forums. Places people can post topics and reply to each other.

Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs – This plugin let’s you produce a wiki with articles and categories.

Next thing I’m trying out is multi-site, which allows you to have many WordPress sites hosted on a single computer. I’m also going to add google advertising onto the website. I’m curious how you would monetize blogs.

This specific post is a test of the social sharing feature.



My name is Chris. This is my second attempt at blogging and the first case when I’ve tried using WordPress.

A bit about myself. I’m a young working professional that is passionate about computer programming, technology, data and statistics. I’m playful by nature and like to explore different computer programs/languages. I would consider this one of my hobbies. Another passion I have is reading non-fiction on a variety of subjects. Recently the subject of interest has been psychology.

Analytics Picture

I currently live in Boston and work in Cambridge. I like Boston as a city. My current job is data engineer on a predictive intelligence team. I’m currently really enjoying my work.


I’m also interested in healthier lifestyle. I want to incorporate more exercise and healthy eating habits into daily life. I’ve done quiet a bit of reading into this subject.

Future posts will be focused more on technology, books, tutorials or other things that interest me!